Home Renovation

Home renovations are necessary weather the structure needs to be secured and new supported, things are just getting old, aren't safe anymore. We want to add more space or remodel to gain more space with the same living space. We may want a new look, and feel more comfortable at home. There are so many factors that renovation makes sense.

We have done extensive remodelling of complete homes from top to bottom, as well one floor at a time, or a single room. 

Inspiration Photograph, living space we want to share with you.

Fine Furniture Design and Handcrafting

I always love the possibilities in an Idea. With innovation, design, and creation, achieve the desired feel in living space, comes the solution.

Furniture need to express comfort, to feel right and timeless.

Custom Homes

Enjoy the ability to work with one team from start to finish. Ever changing trade and management is a perfect place for errors. Let us teamwork and achieve faster more cost effective the home you desire.

Overlooking a home from start to finish is where quality meets my demand.

Mischka Enterprise Limited

Specialized Interior Finishing Carpentry and Joinery

Having the ability to work with excellent educated trades people.
We feel that anything is possible.
I personally achieved yet any demand that Customers, Designers or Architects envisioned.

Custom Cabinetry and Millwork

Beautiful living space must be practical. I love usable space, more than enough space, simply practical space.

Surface colours are very import for the eye and soul.

They need to be long lasting, durable and perform on Wood, Stone, and Steel or the like.  

We are educated to use the surface protection that really works.